If you never leap you will never know what it’s like to fly. This is my tandem skydiving experience at Pretoria Skydiving School at Wonderboom Airport.


My first skydiving experience can be described in two words scary and exhilarating

I booked a tandem skydive for my boyfriend’s birthday and decided to also take the “leap of faith”.


The instructors briefed us before we took to the skies up to the 11000ft mark.


As the plane is ascending you realize that you are about to jump out of a plane.

You are seated on your instructor’s lap and when you jump out of the plane, you are on your knees and your instructor pushes you out at about 200 km/hr.


I totally forgot what the instructor told me when we were in the air, he had to adjust my legs and I eventually opened up my arms but I was still petrified.


You free fall for about 45 seconds and the instructor then opens up the parachute, this was definitely the scariest 45 seconds of my life.

Once the parachute is open, the instructor loosens your harness and gives you the reigns which allows you to control speed as you descend back down to the ground including the added bonus of a beautiful scenic aerial view of Pretoria and its surrounds.


I would definitely recommend tandem skydiving to adrenaline junkies and/or the average Joe if you would like to conquer your fear of heights.


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  1. August 14, 2016 at 16:54

    This seems so cool. *adds to bucket list *

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