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The Rand has strengthened in recent months and having visited England twice before I always find myself planning my next trip. There is so much to do in this country, rich with historical heritage. These are my top 3 places to marvel in England


Saint Paul’s Cathedral – The building you see today was built in the 17th century but can be dated back to AD 604 when the original church site and was dedicated to Paul the Apostle.

The church is an amazing architectural design, the dome which was designed after Michaelangelo’s Saint Peter’s Basilica and is covered in murals, note that people are forbidden from taking pictures inside the church but this is a sanctuary after all. ¬†Visiting the cathedral requires an entrance fee that covers the headphones and media player acting as a digital guide whilst you roam around. Church services are held during the day and you can partake in the sermon. There is a crypt in this cathedral and if you are not familiar with the term, bodies are buried within the church. I found this strange but this is quite normal for the Victorian age.




You can venture to the top of the dome but be warned it is a whopping 800 narrow steps and there is no elevators however it rewards the climb with spectacular views of the London skyline.




Bath – Roman Baths

Roman influence in England is very prevalent in Bath which is an hour drive or bus ride from the capital. The Roman baths are made up of four features, the Roman bath house, scared spring, the Roman temple and a museum with Roman artifacts.

The Sacred Spring was said to be the place of worship of goddess Minerva.

The baths were used for public bathing but tourists and visitors can no longer touch the waters within this site.



The most interesting and unexplained of them all is Stonehenge.


Stonehenge is an ancient temple aligned on the movements of the sun. The stones were raised 4500 years ago by sophisticated prehistoric people.

Before you view this amazing architectural structure, there is a information centre with more information regarding the time line of Stonehenge. Following your walk through the information centre, you are transported by bus to the site and for those who prefer to walk there are hiking options available. At the end of your tour you will find a coffee shop to refuel and a convenient souvenir store.

Stonehenge is an incredible site to behold, definitely one for the bucket list.

These are only a few of the many amazing buildings or places to visit in England.


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