I have always loved using natural coconut oil.

Which has  the following properties:

  • Coconut oil stimulates hair growth.
  • Coconut oil makes hair shiny and soft
  • Coconut oil promotes healthy scalp combating dandruff.
  • Coconut oil moisturizes dry hair.
  • Coconut oil slows down hair loss.
  • Coconut oil prevents hair breakage and split ends, contributing to hair length.



Recently I was asked what products I use on my hair and I was introduced to Ultimate Blends by a friend not so long ago. I love the new Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer range. Not only does it contain coconut oil but cocoa butter, it smells divine too. It doesn’t contain any parabens, which are preservatives used in most personal care products. This being said, the shampoo doesn’t lather like other shampoos and I found out the reason for this is, it won’t strip the hair of its natural oils.

Having a love hate relationship with my GHD, this is the best product to use as my hair is naturally curly, it frizzes easily but with Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer it keeps my hair smooth and free from frizz for up to 72 hours.




My top tips for when using your hair iron:

1. Always use a heat protector (try Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Oil as it can withstand up to 230C)
2. Ensure your hair is dry before you use your hair iron
3. Deep condition every 2 weeks


Garnier Ultimate Blends has a variety of new shampoos and conditioners for all hair types and can be found at your nearest Clicks store.



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  1. October 30, 2016 at 07:49

    Great blog Nicole! I’m definitely gonna try this some time!

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