Sunday Lunch at EB Social Kitchen & Bar

Tucked away at the back of Exclusive Books you will find the most serene restaurant in Hyde Park Corner.


Book racks going up to the ceiling, large windows and patterned tiles with simple wooden furniture. Jazz music playing in the background and a lovely view of the residential area below whilst we were served the most amazing 7 course chef selection lunch.


E.B’s table setting is very simple, no table clothes with just Himalayan salt and ground pepper in a wooden server. Our meal was plated on beautiful and unique serving plates.

We started our lunch with 2 glasses of Fairview Merlot. I love the stemless wine glasses, which you can purchase from the restaurant.




Our first course was a baked feta and spinach and lemon spanokopita which was still warm from the fryer , melted cheese with a hint of chili, a great appetizer.



The second and third  course was a chicken terrine, brioche, jam and sherry cream and tabbouleh with grilled artichokes. I have never had a chicken terrine before and thoroughly enjoyed this course.



The fourth course was an Onion risotto cooked in white wine and served with fried, red and spring onions. the most amazing risotto I have tasted yet.



The fifth course was lamb cutlets and potato gratin, mangetout and au jus. A great alternative to beef, a juicy lamb cutlet trimmed french style and grilled over charcoal.



The sixth course was a blue cheese panna cotta, served with litchi jelly and apple cubes. Blue cheese may seem like an over powering flavour but the panna cotta had subtle flavours paired with the sour apple made for a interesting modern take on a cheese course.



The seventh and final course was a Fig Royal with figs served on top of a ginger shortbread with Chantilly and cognac cream.



A amazing lunch served by polite staff and a fantastic location. A gem in the bustling Hyde Park Corner.




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