I was intrigued to find out what the Les Fleurs de Bach Experience was about so we attended an information session at Wellness Warehouse in Menlyn Maine.

We were welcomed by Louise Pitot, the distributor of Les Fleurs de Bach in South Africa then offered something warm to drink on a chilly winter morning. I had a matcha latte (obsessed with all things matcha lately) and my fiancé had a Almond Spice Latte.


Louise is very passionate about Les Fleurs de Bach, she introduced us to the two signature fragrances and my favourite was Présence(s) and as the name suggests is a flowery fragrance which will help you feel in tune with yourself and your surrounds. My fiance loved Vivacité(s) as it is a more manly fragrance and helps you to feel more confident. The fragrance  can be applied on the skin or wrist for faster penetration and both fragrances are unisex.  We even got to test out a number of elixirs from the range, which can be applied on your tongue, sprayed in your tea, coffee or water and sprinkled in your bath, all you need is four drops to infuse the elixir with your body to create a more positive experience.


I am a strong believer in have all round health, including physical, mental and emotional health, I pride myself with being relatively healthy but lately I have been feeling quite stressed and not able to focus on tasks. I practice Yoga and meditation (praying is when you talk to God, meditation is when you listen to God regardless of your religion) and these have always been good ways to reduce my stress however I sometimes struggle to quiet my mind.

Soon after our meeting at Wellness Warehouse I felt quite in tune with the day and I have since been using the fragrance everyday!  As suggested by our fragrance connoisseur Louise, I apply the fragrance on my abdomen and wrists which helps in keeping me focused. Yes, this might just be a placebo effect but I have also been more aware of my Présence(s) in the moment lately.


Les Fleurs de Bach has been created by Dr. Edward Bach, his medical research led him to believe that much of our ill health originated in our emotional and mental state, rather than just the physical so he wanted to find something that treated the cause rather than the symptom.

IMG_7397Through his intense studies of nature, he found that some flowers and plants had the power to heal specific feelings and emotional imbalances, leading to a better ability for the body and/or mind to recover.

He identified 38 plants and their benefits, then designed a method to capture and preserve their active principles known as Bach Flower Essences.

De Bach’s original manufacturing process:

• Manual picking of wild flowers

• Strict adherence of sun method or boiling method

• Addition of 40% organic brandy in the same proportion as floral water

• Dilution of 1/250 in 40% organic Brandy


The range is certified organic, vegan and cruelty free.


Les Fleurs de Bach has the following products available:


• Ready to use combination elixurs

• Roll-on with Bach flowers and essential oils

• Pastilles with Bach flowers and essential oils

• Treating fragrances combining Bach flowers and aromatherapy

• Perfumes formulated using Bach flowers

• Anti-stress organic skincare products using Bach flowers

Lastly, we were also invited to taste the Stop Tabac pastilles (for smokers and/or other cravings) which had a lemon flavour and is sugar free.




Les Fleurs de Bach inspires a more balanced life, whether it’s confidence, energy, joy or presence that you seek. The Bach flowers are carefully blended to re-balance you so that you can live the the life you desire!


Les Fleurs de Bach is available at all Wellness Warehouse stores nationwide and online with free delivery on all orders over R350.





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