After a 30 minute drive from Pretoria East, we arrived at Acrobranch Centurion located in a huge gumtree forest on the 160 hectare Sunlawns Estate Olifantsfontein, not to mention that it was also a chilly 1st of July. We met up with another couple to join us for the adventure filled day.  The place was buzzing because of the Irene Market that was hosted on the same day we decided to visit the park.

There are 3 different Acrobranch franchises to choose form in Pretoria:

  • Centurion – Big Red Barn
  • Pretoria East – Rosemary Hill
  • Pretoria North – Honingnestkrans


Acrobranch offers four courses for different age levels and expertise.

• 2 large obstacle courses for adults

• 2 complete obstacle courses for children

Acro-twigs R110 per person
Age group: 3-6 years
Which consists of 8 Obstacles

Monkey Moves R160 per person
Age group: 7 years and up
Which consist of 19 Obstacles

Swinging Tarzan R220 per person
Age group: 10 years and up
Minimum height: 1.3m
Which consists of 25 Obstacles

High Flying R280 per person
Age group: 12 years and up
Minimum height: 1.3m

Which consists of 27 obstacles


We decided to try the Swinging Tarzan Obstacle Course following our indemnity forms acceptance and registration we got to gear up with one of the instructors. We were given our harnesses which were individually tightened and briefed by our instructor Crane. The golden rule of only 3 people per obstacle and only 3 people on a platform at a time was also communicated to the group as this is done to ensure that our safety ropes do not get mixed up.

IMG_8305Groups are divided by colour arm bands that are coded depending on the obstacle chosen because all the groups share a starting point, the instructors keep an eye at the end of every course to determine whom continues to the next course. The initial beginners course was fairly simple until we got to our intermediate course, this had a number of challenging obstacles and having a fear of heights really got the adrenaline pumping.


After the challenging obstacles and zip-lining through the trees for almost 2 hours we had lunch at the local restaurant The Big Red Barn which is also a cyclist pit stop. Following our adventurous day and out famished tummies we ordered drinks to pair with a variety of meals, The Big Red Barn has an extensive burger menu and their milkshakes are divine. It is a family friendly restaurant and has many things to keep the little ones busy while you enjoy your lunch.



You can also rent mountain bikes to ride around the numerous bicycle tracks of the estate.


Acrobranch is perfect for kids birthday parties as well as a team building activity for adults.

IMG_7479Please note: Acrobranch Extreme Park is a cash-free zone, we opted to pay online, but you can also pay by card.


You are never to old to play.

Acrobranch, get hooked!




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