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Game Review: Need for Speed Payback (2017)

Tc here and if you know me, you know I LOVE games!!

This is my first review on so here goes (don’t worry, no spoilers here but I have left some Easter Eggs for those who really have a keen eye for detail):

Number 23, yes, Need for Speed has TWENTY THREE games on multiple platforms including but not limited to PC, Playstation and X Box – my first experience with the franchise was Need for Speed Porshe 2000 on PC however my all time favourites to date is a tie between Underground 2 and Most Wanted

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I played this one on Playstation 4 regardless of the bad, bad…. bad reviews this game received compared to the series online-only reboot in 2015.

I’ve split the review into four categories providing depth to my feelings on the game:


The game is built on powerful engines so it is indeed beautiful as one would expect. Its not just the cinematic scenes that look great and I must say that the cut-scenes make you feel like you’ve been warped into a Fast and the Furious or actually, even better, the Need for Speed movie.

Car damage is also been drastically improved from previous games so your car can get pretty bad following a cop car chase, a bad drift trial or an intense race however there are a few places in the game you can get it looking all beautiful again.

Need for Speed™ Payback_20171210221231

Need for Speed™ Payback_20171210221231

I must however comment that characters in the game could’ve been better with regards to some of the more non-key extras and shorter in mission cut-scenes scenes.  In addition, some characters you never even see which could’ve easily been included to make the game more realistic but thats my personal opinion.


My initial thoughts on gameplay was rather biased because of the reviews I had read however I think most people will also feel frustrated with the performance upgrades at first because its weird using Speedcards as opposed to entering a Tune Up shop and just paying for what you can afford to upgrade your car.

I find it cool that the parts are replaced every 5-10 minutes making it feel like a real store that has no stock on parts but the cards and the rolling system (Trade-Ins) is a bit tricky.

The controller speaker is well utilized with the police scanner reporting from the speaker.

5 different game modes appear: the classic race, the show-off drift and two newly added modes namely, runner and off-road which I am certain most will enjoy!

Ever played GTA V? It kind of feels like same concept as they incorporated three characters in the game each with his and HER own skillset, yes, ladies, finally some GIRL POWER!!

In addition to the various race modes you can also enter side bets which include additional tasks other than just the First Place.


The NFS Payback soundtrack is a beautiful blend of various genres and I for one have added new music from the game to my iTunes playlist ranging from Alternative to Rock to Hip-Hop to Electric Dance there is a few songs for everyone!

My personal favourite is definitely Bonobo’s Kerala


As mentioned above, there is such a cool story behind the game unlike the 2015 reboot that I just felt like you were racing for respect, Payback has a great storyline albeit a little short so should you not opt for the side missions and activities around the map you will probably finish the game very quickly.

I really hope that they will continue with stories such as these with additions from previous games like Most Wanted that had ALOT of cinematic scenes leaving you wanting more as you progressed the Speedlist Ranks. Back to the Payback story, you follow the story of three young great drivers who are out for revenge hence the title name.

Like I said, there will be no spoilers included in this review so if you haven’t seen the trailer check it out here

Side Missions/Activities

I really can’t stand games that are just straight forward, a notorious mistake by the franchise was The Run (I’m pretty certain if you played that game well enough you could very easily clear that game in less than 8 hours) so I was really happy that there were so many side activities to the game from beating speedtraps, to making jumps, to drift corners, finding hidden collectible items and beating roaming racers.

Need for Speed™ Payback_20171224203912

Need for Speed™ Payback_20171224203912

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, all 97% of it – haha, I really wanted to play my next game so I didn’t complete ALL the additional activities but I advise you you to fully complete the game.You will see from the pictures above that there is ALOT to do in the game and the map isn’t exactly small either incorporating various terrains from city corners to desert sands to dangerous mountain slopes including roaming racers that you can take on at any time, just make sure your car is well equipped to challenge them.

What I really wish was that exhaust noises could reflect the exhaust noises we come to know during our daily commutes for example I bought the Golf GTI Clubsport just to hear the iconic ‘VrrPha’ also known as the ‘fart’ with no avail so I started thinking that all the cars in the game are manual gearbox based but I could be terribly wrong, if you have any comment or insight on this please include it in the section below.

Cop cars, haha lets just leave it right there – I’ll let you experience that lie for yourself so just know they aren’t easy to get rid of.

Map clues are such a BLESSING! wow! I really wish Rockstar or Ubisoft could learn from this map integration because if you are like me, finding hidden items not only to achieve additional trophies but to unlock additional game modes or items the found items appear on the map so you don’t spend an additional hour searching the same places just to ensure that you’ve checked the locations.


In conclusion its a great game in my opinion, way better than that widely given review.

Yes, there is still room for improvement and with that I think that the title deserves:

★ ★ ★ ★ –

(4/5 stars)


Thank you for checking out my review and please stay on the look out for my current game Assassins Creed Origins


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