Nu-Tan Review

Nu-Tan was developed for those who struggle to tan, always burn, blister then peel and stay pale. With Nu-Tan that will never happen again!
People who tend to tan easily or those who can build a tan over time without burning or peeling can use Nu-Tan to speed up the tanning process so that they spend less time in the sun.

Nu-Tan is being manufactured in South Africa under licensed agreement by South Africa’s medical board certified and registered lab situated in Cape Town.

I received Nu-Tan patches back in February and I used them for about two months.

Each Nu-Tan kit contains 5 silver sachets with 2 patches inside and a grand total of 10 patches – one patch is equivalent to 3 injection dosages.

How to use a patch:
  • Use one patch every day, every second or third day;
  • Once removed, discard the patch but do not remove within two hours;
  • After two to three hours, remove the patch – You can keep it on overnight and remove it in the morning.


On the day the patch is removed:

  • 5-10 min in a tancan
  • OR 30 min laying out in the sun, 15 minutes each side so you do not burn;
  • Start out slow and work your way up to full time;
  • If you will be spending more than 30 minutes in the sun make sure to apply sunblock after 30 minutes outside;
  • In the sun you will get tan lines as Nu-Tan creates a natural tan NOT a fake tan and Sunblock on the face is still compulsory!! or else your face will go darker than the rest of your body.
Here is my review on these innovative patches:
I hardly get any sun as I’m always in the office and I am always in doors most of time, including weekends. I used the patches every 2 – 3 days, twice a week for about 2 hours at a time. I actually forgot to wear my patches in the beginning but soon it started to become a habit as I remembered which days to wear my patch.
I noticed that I didn’t get much sun as recommended so my arms are a bit more darker and developed a beautiful tan.
Nu- tan patches are priced at R799 per box which consists of 10 patches and can be purchased online: www.nu-tan.co.za
I would recommend this product as there as it has no injections, lotions or pills.
You will start to see a gradual tan over a short period of time.



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