Carbon Bistro Restaurant Week

My first visit to Carbon Bistro was when it opened 2 years ago so last Saturday my fiancé and I decided to give them a try for Restaurant Week’s 2018 Autumn Edition.


Carbon Bistro is known as a gin bar and boasts a menu of over 100 gins from all over world and thats what I had to have for the evening, a gin cocktail paired with elderflower tonic water.


My fiancé opted for the Glen Carlou wine pairing with his meal(s).


The menu consisted of:


  • Smoked brisket tart: Pulled smoked brisket on puff pastry with paprika, mayo and micro greens paired with Glen Carlou Syrah.



  • Beetroot sorbet salad: Potato crumble gooseberries, beetroot sorbet, fresh beetroot, goats cheese, sesame and carrots.



  • Venison: Springbok tenderloins, peach gel, herbed potato and sweetcorn roost, vanilla and cauliflower puree paired with Glen Carlou Pinot Noir.



  • Beef: Pepper crusted beef fillet medallions, bourbon jus, cabbage hash.



We ended our meal with a bang or let me rather say a smash!

We were served a sugar dome which we had to smash to unveil smooth vanilla creme brûlée that was paired with Glen Carlou’s The Welder dessert wine.


We enjoyed our meal and would definitely return to try more of their menu and gins.




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